Austin Connects is a partnership between the City of Austin, Austin Free-Net and Skillpoint Alliance for the purpose of connecting local government, non-profits, educational institutions, corporations and citizens who have an interest in Community Technology. Our mission is to provide information and opportunities for local professionals in support of their programs that provide digital literacy and inclusion.

The City of Austin’s Community Technology Initiative actively supports Austin Free-Net as well as channelAustin and the many programs funded by the Grant for Technology Opportunities Program (GTOPs). In addition, the City is in the process of developing a residential technology survey which will provide vital information on the state of technology adoption, access and competency in our community.

Austin Free-Net provides technology training and access for the community, fostering skills that enable people to succeed in a digital age. Their computer labs and classes are open to all; their focus is on underserved communities. The knowledge they offer helps people obtain jobs, improve their lives, and participate as active citizens.

Skillpoint Alliance builds partnerships among industry, education and the community, leading to college and career success for Central Texans, while meeting employers’ needs for a qualified workforce. Working as an intermediary, a facilitator and a spark of inspiration, they help the community “close the gap” and improve college and career success for youth and adults. Their goal is to encourage life-long learning, improve career opportunities and build self-sufficiency—while strengthening Central Texas as a region that attracts and retains good jobs.