Add your information to the directory and map

Community Technology Map and Directory Info Form Announcing our temporary solution to collect data to populate the Austin Community Tech Resource Map & Directory - a Google Form! A link is provided at the end of this message.

The CT Map & Directory database is structured so that one Provider can have more than one location and more than 1 digital literacy or community technology/digital inclusion program in each location. So this questionnaire will ask you for provider information first, location information second, and program information third.

The limitations of the form make it necessary to fill out more than one if you have more than one location or more than one program (such as training and public computer lab).

TIP: Once you have entered full provider information, you do not have to enter full provider information again in the future - just the provider/organization name, then skip to the location data entry page. Locations - the same applies. Just be sure to refer to the location the same way every time.