Youth Technology Engagement Workshop


Thanks to the participants of the Community Technology Symposium, Austin Connects has identified areas of interest to community technology professionals. On Tuesday, May 4th we addressed the first: Youth Engagement.Austin Connects held an exciting morning workshop at American YouthWorks which allowed participants to learn more about what other organizations in Austin are doing to get young people excited and involved with technology. Topics included creative professions, computer refurbishment, technology and learning plus networking activities.


Founder and Executive Director of the Media Diversity Council, Carl Settles Jr, spoke about how he leverages social media and technology through Media Xperiments to engage hard to reach youth.


Matt Stawicki of American YouthWorks took the group on a tour of their computer refurbishment lab and introduced us to students in the program. He explained the details of the program, showed a short video created by students and walked us through a typical day.

Also included was a yummy breakfast from Sweetish Hill and a networking game called “Human Bingo” in which participants found out fun and interesting things about each other while filling out a score card to win prizes. Many thanks to Bat City Awards and Apparel for providing some of our prizes!