Austin Connects and Austin 501 Tech Club Reception and Meet Up

The meet up of community members on February 15th, 20102, hosted Skillpoint Alliance and City of Austin representatives was a success with 29 people attending.  The purpose of the meet up was  to preview the Austin Community Technology Resource Directory and Map, network and socialize with kindred spirits, and help to include more voices in the growing Austin community technology scene.

Austin Connects ( is a partnership between the City of Austin and Skillpoint Alliance for the purpose of connecting local government, nonprofits, educational institutions, corporations and citizens who have an interest in Community Technology. Its mission is to provide information and opportunities for local professionals in support of their programs that provide digital literacy and inclusion.

Austin Connects seeks to create a network of community technology providers and human services providers to help them build their capacity to provide under-served communities with access to technology and training and all the opportunities that access and training represents.

Austin Connects will coordinate monthly networking events that provide an opportunity for participants to exchange ideas and discuss topics such as digital storytelling, fundraising and program sustainability, adult literacy, workforce development and assisting constituents with job searches, successful partnership-building, computer maintenance, Internet safety, and best practices for management of computer centers.

This group is ideal for anyone who,
• manages a computer center;
• teaches computer training courses;
• works for an organization interested in increasing computer access and digital literacy;
• enjoys teaching computer skills;
• advocates for digital inclusion and technology training in under-served communities.

Over the past year, Austin Connects, a partnership between The City of Austin and Skillpoint Alliance, had many exciting achievements;

-Hosting our 2nd Community Technology symposium on March 1, 2011 with over 100+ attendees from community tech non-profit organizations, government, social services and education.

-Continued work to implement the Community Technology Map (CTMap) providing a fully integrated, searchable, dynamic community technology services map and database at

As we look to the horizon, Austin Connects in 2012;

-Rolling out the CTMap in spring of 2012.

-Providing more meetups, networking events and workshops.

-Continuing our symposium series with another sponsor or event.

Community Technology Map Survey

Austin Connects is very excited to be in the final stages of launch preparation for the Community Technology Map. This resource will enable social services providers and community members to locate and gain information about community technology providers in the Austin area. Your responses will enable us to begin the process of finding and including as many community technology service providers as possible, so we appreciate you taking the time to answer the following questions for us.

Please be sure to provide us with complete contact information, so we can clarify information with you prior to publishing information about programs and services. Also, please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about this process.

Many thanks to Chip Rosenthal, Jon Lebkowsky and Polycom for their amazing work on this project.


Thank you for the continued interest and support of Austin Connects. Please contact Lainie Duro, or John Speirs, if you have any questions or comments!

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