Austin Connects: 2nd Annual Community Technology Symposium

Austin Connects: 2nd Annual Community Technology Symposium

Austin Connects is hosting the 2nd Annual Community Technology Symposium on March 1st at AMD’s Lone Star Campus in southwest Austin. The mission of Austin Connects and the role of the symposium is to provide educational and networking opportunities in support of digital literacy and inclusion.

The 2010 symposium, graciously hosted by Microsoft, was a big hit with 100+ attendees from community tech non-profit organizations, government, social services and education. This year’s one day event hosted by AMD will expand on the success of the 2010 symposium with a focus on the different facets of digital inclusion and access such as engaging your clients, digital storytelling, and will ask important questions such as ‘Are smart phones replacing computers?” and ‘What are the next steps for digital inclusion?’.

The opening and welcome will be delivered by Laura Morrison, Austin City Council and the lunchtime keynote speaker, Kami Griffiths of the San Francisco Bay Area Community Technology Network, will bring a national voice to the digital inclusion landscape in Central Texas. Dr. Alexander Cavalli PhD will close the symposium and provide his insights into the future of technology and digital inclusion.

Attendees will receive a continental breakfast, a box lunch and afternoon snack. In addition door prize drawings will be held throughout the day culminating in a pass to SXSW® Interactive, a walk up value of $750!

March 1, 2011
8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
Advanced Micro Devices
7171 Southwest Pkwy
Austin, TX 78735

Registration is now closed.