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Learner Web

Learner Web offers:

  • self-paced online learning plans tailored to each learner's unique skills, interests and goals
  • trained tutors in every lab who support learners as they go
  • learning plans that can be accessed at any time and from any computer
  • unique screen names and passwords for each learner
  • specific plans designed to help adults build workforce skills and explore local job education and training programs

Individuals learn:

  • the basic parts of the computer
  • typing and mouse skills
  • how to use email
  • how to fill out online forms for different types of applications
  • how to keep personal information safe online
  • the basics of broadband internet
  • about local career pathways
  • about local job education and training programs
  • how to fill out resumes
  • how to be successful in a job interview
  • soft skills for work, such as time management and conflict resolution


English, Spanish
No assistive technology
Year round
School year
School breaks
No childcare available
Within 1 block
No documents required
Adults only
Learner Web offered 3-5 pm on Monday afternoons. Call Alexia Estes for appointment 512-473-CLIC (2542).